The need...

When I young, my Dad brought home a Commodore PET from school, and that was my first introductions to computers. No matter how much time passed, or how many different computers I used over the years, I always had a special connection with this machine. No matter what other programs I wrote, I always wanted to master this mysterious beast! 

Recently, after playing video games and exploring my collection of old computers, I realized how much cool, new software was being actively developed on the internet for systems like the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600. 

But low and behold, there was nothing for the Commodore PET. 

I tried out every old piece of software for the Commodore PET, but I couldn't find anything worth using. I wanted something I could play, not a tracker. Even the Apple II has a sampler called AppleCrate, but there was nothing for the PET but old basic programs, created mostly for classroom use and not for performing.

So I setup a development environment, wrote the first version, and found a way to get it on a real PET. It sounded great, but I wanted more. I kept adding features and crazy ideas to change the sound. When I found myself playing it more than programming it, I stopped. It was good enough to be addictive, so I created a line-out hack for the PET and starting recording it. 

It's been a year since that day on October 3rd, 2008, and now I've decided to make it open source. 

Why? 'Cause I like you! 

Copyright 2008, 2009 Chiron Bramberger